Laser Active Acne Treatments in Las Vegas, NV

Having active acne can be difficult on your confidence. Learn more about how laser technologies can reduce active breakouts for clearer skin faster.

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What is Laser Active Acne Treatment?

Laser and light technologies are an effective way to reduce active acne breakouts in a couple ways. Firstly, they work by administering light energy to reduce redness and inflammation that can make acne more noticeable. Secondly, laser treatments can kill acne-causing bacteria, reducing infection and preventing further breakouts. Although laser acne treatments can’t completely clear the skin of breakouts, they can drastically reduce their appearance – especially when paired with other acne medications or professional-grade skincare products.

Reviews from our patients

“I left with glass/glowing skin”

I decided to book a facial here based on the positive reviews and thank god I did!! Shelby was so thorough in her assessment of my problem areas and what needs attention. I left with glass/glowing skin, every pore was squeaky clean and noticeably reduced in size! I highly recommend Shelby Heroy for all of your facial needs!! She has now gained a regular client.

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What Can Laser Active Acne Treatment Treat?

Laser treatments are a great option for active acne breakouts like pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and red spots. There are a variety of laser treatments available for acne and our experienced technicians can help you select the right one for your specific needs.


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Am I A Good Candidate for Laser Active Acne Treatment?

Laser treatments for acne are an effective way to reduce acne when nothing seems to be working. Many skin treatments that would be effective against breakouts can sometimes be too harsh or drying for some patients, causing further breakouts. Laser treatments come with very few side effects – they can also be paired with your other acne treatments and medications for better results. During a consultation with our laser technicians, you’ll determine whether acne laser treatments are the best option for your goals.

How Long Does Laser Active Acne Treatment Take?

Laser acne treatments are generally very quick. There are a variety of options available, including light-based laser treatments like BBL or blue- and red-light devices. During a consultation with our technicians, you’ll determine the best approach to your acne so you know what to expect. We’ll give an honest, professional opinion about the best investment in your skin and develop a personalized treatment plan. Finally, we’ll ensure you know what to expect at every step of the treatment process – and how you can maximize your results with our selection of skin treatments and professional-grade products.

Laser Active Acne Treatment Aftercare

Depending on your unique treatment plan, it’s normal to have some redness and sensitivity after treatment. We recommend the following aftercare steps for best results:

  • Avoid sunlight and wear SPF 30+ daily
  • Follow instructions on skincare product use to avoid irritation
  • Follow your treatment schedule to prevent further breakouts

Laser treatments are one of the most effective ways to get rid of acne, and most people see improvement within a few weeks. We recommend regular maintenance treatments to prevent further breakouts after your initial package.

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