Benefits of HydraFacial for Skin Health

Hydrafacials have become among the most popular in-office facial spa treatments since they are non-invasive and have effective results without downtime. They are more gentle than traditional facial routines like laser resurfacing or chemical peels.

Their superiority is also because of the serums and other ingredients with antioxidants and anti-aging properties that help clean and hydrate the skin while offering personalized results.

What Are Hydrafacials?

Sometimes performed as hydradermabrasion, hydrafacials are medical-grade, non-invasive resurfacing treatments that help hydrate the skin and clean your pores. The procedure process might resemble a regular facial, but you will achieve more dramatic results.

You can get a hydrafacial from a licensed medical professional clinic like The Look Med Spa by scheduling an appointment today.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Its non-invasive and gentle nature makes this procedure a great option for people with many different skin types, issues, or ages.

It is ideal for people with acne, wrinkles, dullness, oiliness, pimples, hyperpigmentation, flaky pre-cancerous spots, or sun damage. However, experts don’t recommend it if you have active rosacea, rashes, or sunburns. It is also not ideal if you are pregnant.

What Happens During The Procedure?

Hydrafacials involve three steps to clean the skin, remove dead skin, and moisturize using different patented devices.

  • Cleansing and exfoliating- The specialist clears dirt and oil from your skin and pores using a vortex-like wand with swirling motions. They will also exfoliate and resurface the skin using peels and a mixture of glycolic and salicylic acids, exposing a new skin layer.
  • Extraction- This step involves extracting more debris, impurities, and blackheads deeper in the pores using a vacuum-like attachment.
  • Hydration and restoration- The professional applies plumping, hydrating, moisturizing, and nourishing serums rich with antioxidants using a pen-like attachment.

Hydrafacial Benefits

Hydrafacials have numerous benefits, like brightening, hydrating, and plumping your skin. They also help clear your complexion while minimizing signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines, plus firming the skin. A hydrafacial also evens skin tone and texture, reduces enlarged pores, and reduces brown spots.

Side Effects

Besides of its non-invasive nature, people gravitate toward hydrafacials because of their minimal side effects compared to other procedures offering the same results.

After the appointment, you might experience slight redness, but that dissipates within a few hours. You might also experience irritation from customized serums if your skin is sensitive and reactive.

Experts advise you to let your skin rest, absorbing all the procedure’s benefits, but you can return to wearing makeup the following day.

How Often Should You Get a Hydrafacial?

While it offers immediate results, it is not a permanent fix, and you need repeat appointments to maintain the results. Experts recommend getting the procedure after four to six weeks, but that depends on your skin type, issues, and provider’s recommendations.

Is The Procedure Customizable?

Your specialist can help you select the best serums based on your goals, issues, and skin type. Some professionals might also provide treatment add-ons for better and longer-lasting results.

Some clinics even have LED masks for different concerns, like blue LED lights to reduce breakouts and eliminate acne bacteria or red light for skin rejuvenation.

Hydrafacial Cost

The cost varies depending on your location, the professional performing the procedure, your issue and target area, and the clinic you visit. However, many professionals provide an average price of between $150 and $300 per session.

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