Halo Laser Treatment: Achieving a Youthful Glow

Most people want perfect skin, but many individuals have various imperfections that stand in the way of a flawless complexion. These can include normal signs of aging, variable skin tone, large pores, and hyperpigmentation. At-home skin care products have always promised us results, but sometimes Med Spa intervention is needed. For a more youthful and even glow, The Look MedSpa offers treatment with the incredible HALO laser.

What Is HALO Laser Treatment?

HALO Laser treatments are a hybrid fractional laser treatment that combines ablative and nonablative technologies allowing multiple layers of skin to be treated simultaneously. The combination of dual wavelengths delivery treats both the top and underlying layers of skin to address common concerns with very little downtime and recovery. In short, the laser treatment stimulates the production of collagen, a process that slows down as you age. Collagen is crucial to maintaining a youthful skin texture and elasticity. The treatment also kickstarts the body’s healing process while addressing acne scars and wrinkles. Results can even be seen in just one treatment.

Benefits of HALO Laser Treatment

If you want your skin to look and feel younger, HALO Laser treatments are the solution you have been looking for. By stimulating collagen production, your skin’s elasticity and texture will gradually imporve. Think of collagen as the scaffolding that holds up new buildings. This treatment can also help heal sun damage, minimize fine lines, reduce scars and acne, and help your body grow new blood vessels and cells crucial to healing and fighting inflammation.

The Timeline for Results

Most people who receive HALO treatment see results after just one session. Human skin needs time to heal, so initial results might need five days to become visible. However, optimal results will appear after a month. Maintenance treatments may be needed once every year or every couple of years.

The Treatment Process

Your treatment providers will numb the particular area of your skin with a topical lidocaine before cleansing and assesing the surface area. This gives them time to adjust the settings of your treatment to best target your concerns while remaining safe for your skin type. Your skin will look red and have pinpoint bleeding during the treatment, but these will pass. Warm sensations, swelling, and redness might occur for the first week after treatment. Tiny dark spots may appear while the old, treated skin gives way to newly regenerated tissue underneath. Peeling is possible for a few weeks, and you must resist scratching anything itchy.

Considerations Before Choosing This Treatment

HALO laser treatment might not be right for everyone. An in-person consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your skin care needs with a professional. Individuals with skin grafts, active skin infections, or a history of scarring should probably avoid this treatment option. It’s also not intended for anyone breastfeeding, pregnant, or taking oral retinoids, including Accutane.

Schedule Your Consultation

HALO laser treatment is one of the most popular options right now for fighting the effects of aging. If you want to find out whether or not this could work for you, then a consultation with skin care professionals is the way to go. To see if HALO laser treatment can help your beauty and confidence, schedule your consultation with the team at The Look Med Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada by filling out our online contact form.